Patrol Division

The Patrol Division of the Scituate Police Department is responsible for a vast majority of the law enforcement duties within the Town of Scituate. The Patrol Division conducts preliminary criminal investigations, motor vehicle accident investigations, and enforces laws and town ordinances of the Town of Scituate. This Division provides continuous patrols and performs a variety of community services.

Our Patrol Division consists of 14 Officers comprised of Sergeants and Patrolman


Chief of Police Eric C. Rollinson - Administrator/ Executive Assistant to the Chief of Police Toni M. DePalo

Deputy Chief of Police David G. Mack - Administrative Assistant - Jackie Kozusko

Animal Control

The Animal Control Division handles animal control issues in the Town of Scituate and Foster and is available 6 days per week.  Animal Control is not on duty on Sundays or Holidays.

-Call the Scituate Police Department directly at (401) 821-5900 for all animal complaints and animal emergency related calls.

– Call RI Department of Environmental Management at (401) 222-3070 24/7 for deceased deer in the roadway.

– Call a Pest Control company for nuisance wildlife.

– Call Wildlife Clinic at (401) 294-6363 for baby or injured wildlife.

Dog Licenses are available in person at the Scituate Town Clerk’s Office during regular business hours at 195 Danielson Pike in North Scituate.  Dog licenses are required by RI State Law and must be renewed each April.  The cost is $10 and proof of a current rabies inoculation must be provided.

The Scituate Municipal Dog Pound is located at 106 George Washington Highway in the village of Clayville.  Hours of operation are Tuesday through Friday from 7am to 11am and Saturdays from 10 am to 3pm.  Closed Sundays, Mondays, and all Holidays.

Detective Division

The Scituate Police Department Investigative Division is currently compromised of one Detective holding the rank of Sergeant.  This Detective Sergeant is responsible for following up on criminal cases, both misdemeanors and felonies, and is proactive in criminal investigations involving the use and distribution of illegal narcotics within the community.  In addition to working criminal cases, this Detective Sergeant is responsible for performing criminal background checks on all potential new hires.

The Detective Sergeant works outside of the community with all local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to follow up on criminal matters.  The Detective Sergeant also assists the department’s accident reconstruction team with all motor vehicle accidents involving serious bodily injury and or death

The Detective Sergeant has received extensive training at the Rhode Island Bureau of Criminal Identification School held at the University of Rhode Island.  The BCI instructors teach courses in crime scene investigation to include training in crime scene photography, fingerprint analysis and the collection and preservation of evidence.


The Dispatchers of the Scituate Police Department work in what is known as the Front Communications Center, an office located at the entrance to the police station. This office is the link between the department and the general public. All emergency, non-emergency and informational telephone and walk-in calls are received in this office and either redirected to the correct department or answered with a police response. The department has several business telephone lines and 9-1-1 dedicated lines that all ring in this office.

The Front Communications Center also utilizes an advanced radio system. Our main radio frequency is used to communicate with the Scituate Fire, Public Works, and Emergency Management Departments. We also monitor the RISPERN statewide radio system at all times.

Specialized Training

Here at the SPD we want to recognize those officers that have taken on extra responsibilty in addition to their day to day duties. These officers have taken on positions such as BCI, Accident Reconstruction, Firearms Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor and a few more! 

Accident Reconstruction

Sgt. Mathew King
Sgt. Ian Noonan
Ptlm. Christopher Decesare
Ptlm. Joseph Scotti

Juvenile Services

Ptlm. Joseph Scotti


Sgt. Mathew King
Ptlm. Christopher Decesare

Elderly Affairs

Ptlm. Shawn Clayton

School Resource Officer

The Scituate Police Department has an SRO (School Resource Officer) assigned to oversee activity throughout the five schools within the Scituate School District.  These schools include Clayville Elementary School, Hope Elementary School, North Scituate Elementary School, Scituate Middle School, and Scituate High School. 

The SRO position is held by Ptlm. Joseph Scotti and falls under the Juvenile Services Division of the Police Department.  Ptlm. Joseph Scotti acts as a liaison between the School Department and the Police Department.  Some of Ptlm. Joseph Scotti’s duties and responsibilities are listed to the right.

Ptlm. Joseph Scotti can be contacted via email at Jscotti@scituatepd.org or phone by contacting the High School during the school year at 401-647-4120 x2504

– Provide a visible presence and direct police service in the school buildings and associated facilities/grounds, ensuring the safety and security of the faculty and students. 

– Perform various duties within the schools, to include enforcement work, community relationship programs, providing information to students, faculty and parents relating to the various functions and operations of the Scituate Police Department. 

– Be a key component to the community policing efforts of the Patrol and Juveniles Services Divisions by demonstrating a genuine interest in the community’s young people. 

Scituate Police Honor Guard