History of the Scituate Police

The Scituate Police Department was made a permanent force on July 9th, 1970, by Town Council ordinance.  It was authorized a Chief, a Deputy Chief, a Lieutenant, three Sergeants and as many Patrolmen as the town council should from time to time determine necessary.

Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Scituate Police Department to protect life, property and to preserve the peace in a manner consistent with the Constitution of the United States, the Laws of the State of Rhode Island, and the Ordinance of the Town of Scituate.

We will act in partnership with the citizens of Scituate to enhance the quality of life, reduce the fear and incidents of crime, and address public safety and community concerns in a prompt manner.

Furthermore, we will impartially and fairly enforce the law while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

The present table of organization includes a Chief, a Deputy Chief, a Lieutenant, a Detective Sergeant, four Patrol Sergeants, a School Resource Officer, and eight Patrol Officers.  Additionally there are four full-time Dispatchers, one part-time Dispatcher, an Administrator/Executive Assistant and an Administrative Assistant.  There is also a part-time casual Dispatcher. Animal control includes two full-time Animal Control Officers and a town-owned facility. 

Records show since 1923 nine men served as Chief of Police in the town.  Prior to that time police services were handled by the town Sergeant.

  • Chief John H. Reily 1923-1946

  • Chief John J. Crowly 1946-1971

  • Chief William J. G. Lawton 1971-1990

  • Chief William M. Helm 1990-1996

  • Acting Chief John R. Devine 1996-1997

  • Chief William J. Mack 1997-2008

  • Chief David M. Randall 2008-2017

  • Chief Donald Delaere Jr 2017-2020

  • Chief Eric C. Rollinson 2020- CURRENT

Our Location

The Police Station has been located in Hope since at least 1925 and had been located at 116 Main St. for over 90 years.  Initially, the station consisted of the front portion of the present facility which was formerly a school.  The rear portion, the former Hope community house, was renovated and added to the station in 1979.

In July of 2020 the Scituate Police Department moved to a new building and current location at 1301 Chopmist Hill Road, North Scituate, RI 02857